Mystery Journey

"Do you hear whispering"......................?

  Welcome to the Secret Hollow where ghosts lurk in the shadows and whispers can be heard coming from within the haunted mist, for this is where the Mystery Journey begins and your imagination comes to life to reveal what is whispered here.............

  While you stand here on the edge of these mist filled woods listening to the whispers coming from the hollow, perhaps you will overhear bits and pieces of a trusted secret to wealth. But, to hear the secret clearly you must step into the haunted mist, for only the risk takers will ever learn the secret to wealth.
  And, if you do step into the mist and you hear a golden secret to wealth while visiting here, then take heed because:
  "A secret is only a secret as long as it is kept." 
  For a secret is like a precious gem that is well guarded and kept
in the Castle of your mind and only you can betray it. 

Secrets From The Gem Castle ©D.M.S. 2012

Go ahead, Step into the Mist......


 "Do you hear whispering"......................?


   The Gem Castle Mystery Journey is about the origin of a Craps Betting Strategy called "Bet the Seven."  The Strategy is a Secret to Wealth and the Journey will reveal some fantastic things that have been kept secret regarding the math formulas used to create the Strategy.



First:   A quick look at hidden things within our sight,
            the secret world we never see.


   If you have never experienced the mystery of reverse negative images you will enjoy this.
   In the image above, stare at the four dots or drops that are in the center. Try not to see anything, just concentrate on the dots. Stare at the dots for about thirty seconds and then look quickly away and stare at a nearby wall, the ceiling works great.
   At first you should see a circle of light and then an image  appears. Keep staring at the circle of light until the image appears.
Some people see it right away, others after a few tries. This is an example of the hidden things in our world. Most people know the fleeting person in the image although they have never seen him. This is a mystery by itself.

                     Things learned from the Gypsy

                         A Matter of Choice

        What you believe and perceive to be the truth concerning things in the physical realm are not always what you believe them to be as told by the Gypsy. The things I know and make known to others is my prerogative, but as Mathematician /Philosopher and Genius Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951) (I. Q. 210) said: "Telling someone something he does not understand is pointless, even if you add, he will not understand." So, with Ludwig's words in mind, I will tell you the Mathematical "Secret" to making unlimited amounts of money by applying a simple strategy to the game of Craps in a private report that you can purchase at the end of the Journey.

   Although my I.Q. is not 210, it still pushes 200, no brag, just fact, and I don't consider myself a genius by any means. The simple mathematics applied to the game of Craps mentioned above took me 25 years of research to discover and it wasn't until some very mysterious math formulas showed up at my front door that I was  able to make a major breakthrough. And it all has to do with a simple proposition and the math applied to beat the odds:

     "Try to roll a pair of dice 30 times in a row without rolling a seven." Sure, it can be done, but the math says the 7 will come up more times than the dice can be rolled 30 times without one. Once, you grab onto this very logical math truth and take advantage of it; you will discover the answer of how to use the odds in your favor and how to beat the game of Craps.
  You can test the proposition for yourself by visiting the website below and try to roll the dice 30 times in a row without rolling a seven and remember this: If you knew how to apply the Strategy you would make a profit off of all the sevens that come up.
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 The answer to the logical math truth above is used by the Strategy for placing bets on a craps table, where you can cover your previous bets and use the mathematical odds of a seven coming up in thirty rolls of the dice to make a profit on 95 Craps Shooters out of a 100. There is nothing hard about it, you just have to know how to make your bets. But, first read the incredible story of the origin of the "Bet the Seven" Strategy.

           The Origin of  "Bet the Seven"                 

   The story you are about to read, will take you on a journey
of secret knowledge that was used to create a Betting Strategy to make large sums of money by applying this knowledge to the game of  Craps. With this knowledge you can legally take all the money you want  from the casinos. But, the knowledge isn't free and we sell it for a small price.  We would rather share this "Secret" for free, so those in need of money will have a way they can obtain it legally, but if there is no price on something then it is considered to have no value. The mathematical "Secret" of  "Bet the Seven" is priceless because it works.

The following account of the origin of “Bet the Seven” is a mystery with no factual proof other than the betting strategy developed because of it.         
  This is an account explaining the strange origin of math formulas used to create a computer generated betting Strategy for playing the game of “Craps”.  A betting strategy based on math formulas produced by a strange piece of cloth and other math formulas used by French Mathematicians of the 17th Century. Along with the math formulas was an old book entitled "The Illuminate Book of Secrets" and a gold tablet inscribed with ancient Greek Writings including a Pre-World War I list of Hidden Agendas by Russia, all of which were found mysteriously inside a gravestone, in Russia, by a U.S. Agency in 1996.

   First of all, what you are about to read was sent to me anonymously. As you read the following information, please keep in mind that I have merely arranged the details so that they will read more like a story. I have no factual items to offer as proof. Like so many strange and unexplained things there never seems to be any concrete proof to verify them. All I can offer here is: What if ? Furthermore, I claim no responsibility for the context or misconstrued interpretations of this information. I received the following report from an unknown source and I am
merely sharing this information to the world for a price. What you do with this information is up to you but remember copyrights are in place. It will however, benefit you not to share this information with just anyone, especially those who play craps; make them buy their own copy. Everybody loves a mystery.

  The Mystery Journey began for me when I received this information in the mail; it was sent registered mail with a false return address. My attempts to trace it to the sender failed. The one thing I do know, the sender’s first name is Charles. I know this from reading his account of how he happened to obtain this information, as you will see.

   Again, I cannot take any credit for the information that led to the biggest breakthrough in the history of "Craps". I can only take credit for sharing it. If you are as tired of hearing about all the government cover ups as I am, and you agree that if something as phenomenal, as you will read, was found in Russia is true, then it is time for answers.

 I have always had an interest in the game of “Craps” and I have often thought that there should be a way of beating the odds, and I have often said this to family and friends, maybe someone finally heard me and sent this information to me. I do suspect one old friend, who has since passed on, but he did at one time work for the C.I.A. and we had many one on one conversations about things the government doesn’t make public because of “National Security Reasons.” I suspect he may have known the sender.
  As one of my hobbies is applied mathematics,  I have tried for years to break the mathematical secret to beating the game of Craps
. I am also a computer programmer and mainly research random number sequences. When I received the math formulas surrounding the numerical values of the number seven and understood how they pertained to random selection on a pair dice, mentioned in the following story, I discovered its importance to the game of craps. 

  Once I understood what the mysterious math formulas were about that were left at my door, I teamed up with a private computer research company (Goldstoneltd) and shared the formulas with the research team in order to develop a betting strategy that would beat the game of Craps. It took two years of computer research to find this simple answer;
 (ax4) - (a+b) x 4 - (ax4)-(a+b²) x 20 = Money.

  All the research showed that the number seven has the best chance of coming up on a pair of dice because of all the factors involved that favor it compared to the other 10 numbers that can be made with a pair of dice.  (you will find more on this at the website you will be directed to at the bottom of this page).
  Through our research we discovered some amazing things about the dice and one of the things we found from our research is that the original inventors of the game of craps, as it is played today, set up the number seven as the House Number, the House being the Casino. And, as every gambler knows, the House always has the over all advantage. Once, the importance of the number seven was realized and how it was used to control the game of Craps it was just a matter of finding a betting strategy that stayed within table betting limits when placing bets on the seven.

   The Strategy works consistently and I make substantial money by applying it, which we describe and tell you how to do, in detail, in the "Bet the Seven" report. I can easily make a $1000.00 every 15 minutes playing at the online pay to play Casinos and I can do this all day long.* This is factual and you can do the same thing once you learn how to apply the Strategy. Please see our Utube Videos for proof of this:

"$1,000.00 An Hour":

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  I don't know how many friends and acquaintances have said: "Tell us how you do it." And, that is what prompted us at Goldstoneltd to share this information with the world and we tell everybody how to do it in the private report. We want everyone to know the secret of how they can get their share of the wealth enjoyed by the casinos. But, first, read the fantastic story behind this Strategy and realize the power you are going to have over the Casinos because of the knowledge you will gain should you purchase access to this report.



     Due in part to the end of the cold war, an astonishing discovery was made in Russia. The following information is a condensed version of an eyewitness account by one of the participants (Charles’ uncle). The discovery involves a set of advanced math formulas, some ancient artifacts (that are simply unbelievable), and a predated WWI document of hidden agenda. All of the discoveries have been denied and covered up by the governments of both countries, the U.S. and Russia. Another Conspiracy Theory in the making? I don’t know, see what you think.


And so......the story begins and because this is
a Journey into Knowledge, it is only fitting to have some back ground music. This is the greatest piece of music ever written for one taking a journey.
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                        The Encrypted Will

  This bizarre story begins with Charles explaining that he inherited a written detailed account of the incident that happened in Russia from his uncle.Charles’s uncle had encrypted the location of this account in his Last Will and Testament. It was encrypted in such a way that only Charles would know where to look. Charles' uncle never married, and he had no children. He loved Charles like a son and had left his entire estate to him. His uncle died in 2004 of a supposed heart attack.

  Charles’s uncle had always told him that he would leave some kind of message for him in his Will that would lead him to some very secret things. Encrypted into the Will were a few words of wisdom. The message wasn’t anything special or elaborate, but it told Charles where to look.

  The message in the Will: “Charlie, you have always been like a son to me, so to you I leave everything including these words of wisdom:
"Before Unders
tanding Comes Knowledge
"Charlie Always Value Everything"

  The words of wisdom were all capitalized and spelled out

 When Charles was a boy, his uncle would take him on hunting and fishing trips into the White Mountains of Arizona. It was while they were on one of these hunting trips that he and his uncle discovered a hidden cave. They had been deer hunting and his uncle had just wounded a prize buck, the deer had stumbled just before the shot and took the bullet through the neck. They tracked the wounded deer to where it had died, just inside the opening of a large cave. They could see where the deer had been using the cave to sleep and take shelter. They explored the cave and had found arrowheads and pieces of broken pottery, no doubt left by Indians from the past. They had named the cave after the deer and called it "Buck Cave." It was a special place and a secret that only the two of them shared and it was this location that had been encrypted into the Will. Charles’ uncle had placed the covert account of the Russian incident inside a weather proof package and had buried it in a corner of the cave where he and Charles had buried some of their supplies over the years of hunting.

  Inside the package were photographs and photocopies of documents and math formulas, along with the results of the experiments and tests that had been conducted on a very mysterious cloth that had been found with the math formulas.
  One of the tests using the cloth produced a math formula for determining the outcome of Random Selection Sequences and Intervals between numbers as used by a pair of dice in the game of “Craps.” (Please see “” for more information on this).

    Included with the documents and formulas was a simple note:  "These are more valuable than anything in the world Charlie, and you should always try to find ways to better mankind through the use of them”. Charles says that after reading the details of the account, he understood the reason for all the secrecy.

The Old Russian's Story

  It seems Charles’s uncle had been one of a few U.S. intelligence agents assigned to Moscow just after the breakup of the Soviet Union. At this time, a lot of classified information concerning state secrets and the controversial Russian Revolution became declassified. And as a result of this, an old man, one of the survivors of the Russian Revolution had come to the U.S. Embassy with some very intriguing information. He said he did not trust the new government in power, and felt safer telling his secret to the Americans. The old man said he knew the location of a collection of documents and secret papers that had been entrusted to him by his mother. He told the Embassy officials about his father and how the documents had come into his possession; he begged them not to reveal his name in exchange for the information and enough money to help him in his old age.

  The old man told the following story: At the time of the Russian Revolution he was only six years old, but he remembers his father had been one of the palace guards during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II, who was in power at the time of the Revolution. His father was in charge of protecting the royal family and was a good friend of the infamous Rasputin, physician to the court and dabbler in the black arts. A few months before the take over by the Revolutionaries, Rasputin had given his father the documents and artifacts and told him to smuggle them out of the palace and to hide them in a safe place. Rasputin had told his father that the documents contained ancient secrets, powerful formulas and hidden agendas. And because of the violent unrest in the country, he feared that if the Revolutionaries were to find these things in his possession they would burn him at the stake for sorcery or put him before a firing squad for treason.
  The old man's father had taken the documents to the cemetery in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad) and had hidden them inside a headstone that he had secretly hollowed out. The headstone belonged to a highly respected church official who had recently been laid to rest. He knew that the Russian people revered churches and cemeteries, and knew that they would be safe there, also, the granite headstone would protect them from the weather. His father had told his mother where the documents were hidden, and said that they should remain there until it was safe and they could be returned in trust. A few months after this, the Revolutionists took over, his father was killed and so was Rasputin, shortly there after the royal family was also executed.

  The old man said his mother kept the secret of the documents to herself out of fear and hatred for the new government she blamed for the death of his father. The location of the documents was passed on to him shortly before her death. He too, out of fear for the government, kept the secret to himself. Finally, he said  his son had not convinced him that the government of Russia would no longer punish its citizens for possession of state secrets, and his son told him that if he still had doubts, then turn the information over to the Americans and they would probably pay him for it.

  Once the old Russian was paid, he told the American embassy officials the name on the headstone and they made the necessary covert arrangements to investigate the old man’s story. After which, they were surprised to find the items right where he said they would be, intact and undisturbed for over seventy-five years. Once the items had been safely recovered, they were taken back to the embassy for examination. Upon closer inspection they realized that these items were more than just some old documents and artifacts. It was during the examination of one of the artifacts that a very strange and unexplained thing happened. The artifact was some sort of metallic cloth with unknown symbols and patterns on it that became stiff and began to glow brightly when one of the officials unfolded it and spread it out on a table. Not knowing exactly what it was, the embassy officials quickly dispatched a coded memo to C.I.A. Headquarters in Langley, Virginia:
  “Gentleman, we may well have found the metallic cloth that both Hitler and Stalin had scoured all of Europe looking for and could not find. I think we have just found the "Crux Cloth."

    The Myth Of The "Crux Cloth"
(Cloth of the Cross)

   All through history men have been on quests searching for myths, dreaming of wealth, knowledge, and mystical powers. The recent discovery in Russia may have put an end to one of these quests, the search for a magical cloth embossed with strange patterns that glow with an unseen force, a set of patterns said to be able to answer the impossible and are woven into a piece of cloth that cannot be destroyed. It is a little known myth that has been kept in secret and shared only by the chosen elite of society throughout the ages. A secret myth that has all but disappeared from history, the myth of “The Crux Cloth.”
    One can only imagine what the cloth might have looked like.

   “Crux”, according to the Funk & Wagnall dictionary is a tormenting or baffling problem. Also; it is a constellation, the Southern Cross containing the bright star “Acrux.” Thus the name “Cloth of the Cross” or “Cross Cloth” often confused with "The Shroud of Turin"  (The Burial Cloth of Christ). The Crux Cloth was also confused with "Not-Made-By-Hands” (The towel Christ used to wipe his face -leaving his image on it - that was sent to King Abgar of Edessa to cure his Leprosy).


The origin of “The Crux Cloth” is saturated with the mystic and surrounded by
mystery. It seems that most of the ancient cultures had knowledge of it in some form or another. But, it was never mentioned . Ancient writings found in India refer to “The Crux Cloth” and say that it holds the secrets to the origins and meaning of life. References to “The Crux Cloth” have been found in Chinese Folklore and writings, claiming that it can predict the future. Ancient writings found in Tibet mention “The Crux Cloth” stating that it holds the keys to universal truths. Egyptian historians refer to “The Crux Cloth” as the Rosetta Stone of mathematics and science, and promises enlightenment with the knowledge of the ages to the one who possesses it.
   The knowledge of “The Crux Cloth” was all but lost during the Dark Ages, being obscured by the Crusades and the search for the Holy Grail. Through the centuries many noted scholars and Mathematicians have privately searched for the cloth, but most of them have put it down as being nothing more than a myth. Adolf Hitler knew of “The Crux Cloth” as did Joseph Stalin by way of the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta Societies (secret societies where myths and legends are kept alive). Other secret societies that had knowledge of the "The Crux Cloth" include the Freemasons. 


Entries courtesy of
Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now exists in various forms all over the world, with a membership estimated at around five million, including just under two million in the United States and around 480,000 in England, Scotland and Ireland.[1][2] The various forms all share moral and metaphysical ideals, which include, in most cases, a constitutional declaration of belief in a Supreme Being.[3]


The fraternity is administratively organized into Grand Lodges or sometimes Orients, each of which governs its own jurisdiction, which consists of subordinate (or constituent) Lodges. Grand Lodges recognize each other through a process of landmarks and regularity. There are also appendant bodies, which are organizations related to the main branch of Freemasonry, but with their own independent administration.

Freemasonry uses the metaphors of operative stonemasons' tools and implements, against the allegorical backdrop of the building of King Solomon's Temple, to convey what has been described by both Masons and critics as "a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."


                    The Nostradamus Papers
                                 And The French Formulas
       One of the Special Intelligence Officers (S.I.O.) assigned to investigate the cached artifacts was Charles’s uncle. He was fluent in Russian, German, and French. His job in the agency was to decipher encoded messages through the use of computers. He held a Doctorate in Physics. His specialty was mathematical cryptology. He was part of the team chosen to investigate the mysterious cloth. Also, it seems he was one of the few men in the agency who could decipher the French math formulas that had been found along with it, especially the one that reportedly had been written in the 16th century by Nostradamus.

  Found among the documents were several unexplained math formulas that were written in French; formulas that were far too advanced for the time period they were written in. One of the formulas was traced and authenticated as being written by Nostradamus (1503-1563) the others to Rasputin (1872-1916). The intriguing thing about the investigation was the possibility that Nostradamus had knowledge of “The Crux Cloth” and may of had it in his possession having obtained it by the use of his psychic abilities, which may explain how he was able to make his uncanny predictions. Scientific research performed on the papers supports the claims that they were written by Nostradamus.

Further evidence shows that they may be part of the missing pages of his collected works that are kept in the historical archives in France.


  Controversy arises when suggesting that Rasputin is the author of any of the formulas, but regardless of this, there is historical evidence showing that Rasputin knew how to use formulas and how he had a profound influence on the royal court of Emperor Nicholas II. And the formulas are now known to have been in his possession until just before his death. How he came to be in the possession of “The Crux Cloth” and the Nostradamus Papers is a mystery.


  The Nostradamus papers mostly pertain to planet orbits. The main subject was the alignment of the planets in the 21st century (2012) which relates to the now famous Nostradamus predictions of future world events. There was nothing really unusual or strange about the planet equations. But, there was one outstanding date with several side notes and references made to it. “In the year two thousand, in the fifth month of the year on the fifth day of the month the planets will align to cause great destruction to the earth.” (May 5th 2000) - A date which has come and gone with no great destruction to the earth. (See also Mayan predictions 2012)
   The greatest marvel of the Nostradamus Papers was the length of the computations factoring equations and formulas involving the number seven. Why the number seven, is unknown. But, for some reason,(as of yet unexplained), Nostradamus had worked out the numerical values for the combination of integers between one and six to create the number seven, chosen from random selection based on a binary code, positive or negative. The researchers were stunned, because this type of math is used to program computers and wouldn’t be discovered for another four hundred years. It is the same math base for random access memory (RAM) in the central processing unit (CPU) of the personal computers (PCs) used throughout the world. The numerical value of integers is only found in finite math, and is a form of mathematics that wouldn’t be used to express an equation until the 20th century.
  Did Nostradamus know about and use “The Crux Cloth”? You decide, because included with the Nostradamus Papers was an eerie prediction made by Nostradamus that a certain cloth embellished with mathematical symbols and possessing supernatural powers would be found in a grave by a foreign agency long after his death.

One added side note:

  In the year 1700, one hundred and thirty-seven years after his death, two would be grave robbers had broken into the crypt of Nostradamus. They were in search of a magical amulet said to have been used by Nostradamus to make his famous predictions. The grave robbers were aware of the stern warnings made by Nostradamus of the great evil that would befall anyone who disturbed his grave. But, ignoring this warning, the grave robbers proceeded to remove the amulet, but they quickly returned it in horror and closed the crypt the amulet had that days date on it. 


  It may be possible that Nostradamus did have the “The Crux Cloth” having found it by his psychic abilities, and grave robbers may have made off with it. This may explain the rash of mathematical breakthroughs by the French of this time period, and over time used to formulate the game of craps. Then eventually it made its way to Russia ‘via the Czars with their great wealth, where finally, Rasputin came into possession of it at the time of Emperor Nicholas II. 
                 The French Math Formulas

  The French formulas made many references to ancient writings and used strange math symbols. Based on carbon dating techniques performed on the ink and parchment papers, the formulas were written sometime during the l6th century. Additional analysis that supported the time period of the writings, was the style of formulation used and the way in which the equations were presented. Mathematics of this time period were elaborately stated in treatises and went to great lengths to prove a mathematical truth.
  Again, like the Nostradamus equations, the French equations were centered around the number seven, as if some magical quality was associated with it. The equations themselves were written more as a spell or chant than an actual mathematical expression. The amazing thing found here, was an equation used to determine the number of times the integers between one and six could come together before they created the number seven using two numbered cubes tossed to produce a random number. And it also determined the most likely time that the integers would come together to create a seven.
     The equation was termed "Cubical Math" because it involved six dimensional placement math for the arrangement of numbers on the sides of a cube so that when two cubes are used together they will favor a seven coming up when the cubes are tossed to produce random numbers (these are the same formulas that were used to create the "Bet the Seven" Strategy). What the research team had found were the Math Formulas used to lay out numbers on a dice cube and the odds produced by the random numbers generated by a pair of dice cubes to determine what number would come up. The French Mathematicians had figured out the odds of  which numbers would come up on a pair of dice and had arranged the numbers on the cubes to increase the chances for a seven to come up!
  The other French Formulas proclaimed that there is no such thing as random selection and that everything in the physical world is by mathematical design. A pattern (blueprint if you will) which supports the Creation Theory (the belief that everything has been created by design). The main point being, that even seemingly random things repeat in a pattern over time. The math formulas were written to prove that random numbers will create a pattern.
           The  Math Research Team Findings
The research team investigating the formulas, after working out the equations, and after performing several experiments using the formulas, stated that:
  "The formulas, when used in conjunction with each other, transcend the laws of probability. They are based on the premise that a whole can be determined by the sum of its parts even when the part is the only physical thing to measure by. The formulas state that anything can be expressed in mathematical terms and a numerical value assigned to it, which then makes it a subject of the whole, therefore, everything that is a part is also a whole.
 So, once an item is given a numerical value its components can be arranged numerically and depending on its value, can be given an assigned number in the order of things. To which, any numbered item can be predetermined including the outcome of a roll of the dice.
  In layman terms, these math formulas are capable of determining the number of an event before it happens, not in concept, but in reality. This means that a numbered event or a numbered outcome can be
predicted based on the mathematical information gathered to form the equation to prove it. Any system arranged numerically or based on a numbered system, even though its order is determined by random selection, is still subject to a predictable outcome. Anything with numbers or anything that uses numbers is predictable."



       The Evaluation

      of The Metallic Cloth   

  True to the prediction made by Nostradamus of a mysterious cloth being found in a grave by a foreign agency, the investigators found “The Crux Cloth” and quite possibly, the single most important discovery ever made by man. The cloth was analyzed by a highly qualified team of government scientists. The following is the descriptions and summations of those investigators beginning with the physics team.
Comments and Statements made by the investigative team:
  "The best way to describe the physical appearance of the cloth: It is a soft flowing fabric that appears to be made of glowing metallic silk. Tests show that it is made of some type of synthetic alloy. When unfolded, the cloth makes a perfect square, one meter by one meter by four millimeters thick. There are symbols and lines on the cloth, which are embellished into the cloth, and have a three-dimensional depth like that of the three-dimensional pictures being generated by computers today."  "One side of the cloth is separated into four sections by a cross." (Representation of Acrux).


   In the foregoing description of the cloth, the Swedish Freemasonry Symbol comes to mind, hinting at the fact that the Freemasons had knowledge of  "The Crux Cloth."
St George's Cross is a commonly used symbol for Freemasonry in the Swedish Rite, alongside the internationally otherwise more common square and compasses.
The Swedish Rite is a variation of Freemasonry that is worked in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. A slight variation is common in parts of Germany under the Große Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland. Also other craft masonic bodies are working in the nordic countries (see further under freemasonry in Sweden and freemasonry in Denmark). However only one Grand Lodge in each country is working the Swedish Rite, each of which governs its own jurisdiction.
The Rite is divided into three divisions: St. John's (Craft) degrees (I–III), St. Andrew's (Scottish) degrees (IV–VI) and the Chapter degrees (VII–X). In addition one may attain the XIth degree, although only a very few gain this. Progression from one degree to the next is not automatic. A brother not only has to be in regular attendance, but also has to show that he has a certain proficiency and knowledge of Freemasonry. The Swedish Rite demands members be Christian and not just that they believe in a supreme being. Like other regular Masonic organizations, only men are allowed membership.
  Since 7 November 2006 all laws of the Swedish Order of Freemasons are publicly available on the Internet.[1] Among others, the laws prohibit any member to gain advantages outside the lodge by using the lodge as an instrument.
 The laws also stress the charity works of the members and the observance of the
Golden Rule.


           Description of the Cloth
        and Its Math Symbols

 "The four sections created by the cross on one side of the cloth are dedicated to symbol interpretations, (the nomenclature of the Crux Equations). Each of the four sections contains one hundred symbols each that are interchangeable with each section making for one hundred million possible equations and by adding subcategories the possibilities become endless. The numeral sequences are based on the concept that the symbols are numbers which is accepted as a universal language and the only differences will be the symbols used to express the numbers and their functions. All the values are increments of ten. The symbols and their meanings are still being deciphered. This much is known though: The numbering system seems to be based on ten with zero as an integer with a place value and divides positive and negative numbers. Some symbols represent whole equations with all related elements of subcategories, known or surmised, listed with it, so that all possible applications of that subject can be inserted into the related equations. The symbols resemble hieroglyphics of a higher order. A triangle symbol represents the base equation with each of its sides interchangeable with the sides of other triangles, so that they form new equations solving from the former." 


          The Wheel of  Colored Light

    Comments about the cloth made by
     the investigative team:

On the other side of the cloth, beginning at the apex of the cross from the reverse side, there are ten concentric circles. The circles are divided by three hundred and sixty degree lines of brilliant iridescent colors that radiate out toward the edges, much like that of spokes on a bicycle wheel. When the cloth is laid out on a flat surface and then rotated until it is in alignment with the earth’s north - south magnetic field, it becomes stiff like cardboard and then reacts to touch. It is much like a laptop computer. The touch of a finger energizes the cloth and it becomes a back-lighted hologram. At this point the spokes of the wheel rotate to reveal an infinite array of possible paths. By placing a hand on the cloth at any of the corners, it receives thoughts and reacts to them. Brain waves are somehow transmitted by electrical impulses through the hand which activates the color spectrum; a bright pulsating prism of light. Once started the cloth becomes a whirlpool of rainbow light."


                                  W a r n i n g :
Before you proceed to the next panel below,
prepare yourself for a visual shock that may
make you queasy. This is what I envisioned the
"Wheel of Colored Light" might have looked like to the investigative team when it was activated.

                         I tried to warn you.
Just for fun
:  Quickly blink your eyes while looking at the wheel and then move your face in and out of the screen. Does it seem like the wheel is pulsating?
Optical illusions play with your mind. Notice how the image appears to be moving just sitting there as if light is emanating from it? Take the time to look at the image and enjoy it. Optical illusions are another form of hidden secrets hidden in the mind.


 "The cloth interprets the thoughts of the individual and evaluates them to render an answer in the mind of the individual. At the same time that the thought processes are being evaluated, the wheel is lit up and actively tracing the process and then displays the answer in a three-dimensional picture in the mind. The effect is similar to stereo music heard through earphones - where the music seems to be heard in front of the listener. Somehow the cloth is an extension of the human mind, tapping on the unused portions of our brain power." 
 "Equations are traced along the lines passing through the ten concentric circles, so that an answer is found at the outer circle. The numeric symbols follow a path of logic along the three hundred and sixty lines of color that pass through the concentric circles. The logic path is color coded. The path to the logical answer remains the same color throughout the process."
  "The simple course is to view the circles as a wheel and the three hundred and sixty lines as the spokes of the wheel. And at each concentric circle intersection is the next path to a logical answer, either to the left or to the right following the illuminated color of the spectrum, either up or down in value, always working the equation from the center out."
       One researcher offered an explanation of how the cloth works: 
 "A hypothesis is introduced on the hub of the wheel in relationship to the numerical values of one's thoughts, they then are traced through the spokes of the wheel following the same color scheme to a logical conclusion. The wheel interprets the information and then analyzes it to create its own equations to solve the equations introduced. The functions are based on calculus, the answers are based on logic, and the mechanics are based on the light spectrum. The possible combinations are infinite. This is like watching a person's brain talking to it's self."

                     The comments
of the physics team
  "The cloth will only interact with human beings. All attempts to attach external devices to it have failed. For some reason the cloth will only react by direct contact with humans and is powered by some form of electromagnetic energy generated by the human body. The limitations however are of the human mind. The questions can be asked and received, and answers given, but even the more brilliant intellects cannot begin to comprehend the more complex answers. The paradox here is: "One must learn before one can learn."
 "The controllers of the cloth will have centuries of learning to do before even the smallest portion of the knowledge contained in the cloth is understood. Mankind has a lot of inner space to conquer before attempting to expand into the mysteries of the universe, but what a tool to prepare with, may we all be worthy of it."
 "As far as we can determine the equations of accepted universal truths are written as constants on the outside edges of the cloth. There are only twelve, E = mc 2 is one of them, the other eleven are still a mystery. The findings here are: universal truths are the fundamentals by which all mathematical problems are solved. The rest of the universal truths of “The Crux Equations” are founded on light theorems as far as we can surmise with light being accepted as a universal constant. The equations expressing this are beyond our understanding at this time."
  "Preliminary interpretations of a few of the symbols and equations indicate: The existence of worm holes through space, black hole portals, space time continuum warps, and travel through the universe as period displacements rather than projectiles traveling through space at or above light speed. Transportation from galaxy to galaxy or any point in the universe seems to be done at the speed of thought via molecular teleportation; all of this was derived by experimental interaction with the cloth and these answers projected into the minds of some of the users. Understanding and comprehension are far from conclusive, much of the experimentation is overwhelming and confusing, there is so much that we just don't know." 
     Post comments and observations made by   
     the physics team:
“Define light and its properties and you will hold the keys to the universe..”
 "In the book of Genesis, when God said “Let there be light” - definitely, something more profound was said than anyone ever imagined.”
  Those team members who had interacted with the cloth were awestruck at the vastness of the knowledge it contained and the true enlightenment of spirit and mind from being in contact with it, saying: “Simply phenomenal, no words can describe this.” They were anxious for more interaction with the cloth, feeling that mankind could benefit greatly from the knowledge to be learned from it, adding: “The cloth will take man from the nuclear age to the cosmic age of enlightenment.”
he summations of the physical properties team:
The cloth is powered by some external electromagnetic force.
Some kind of energy field protects it.
The only thing it responds to Human touch.
The cloth is best described as a thought activated calculator driven
by a cosmic computer that holds the answers to everything.
The woven strands of synthetic alloy acts both as conductor and transmitter. The cloth is beyond our present technology and is definitely not of this world.
The cloth surpassed all the vulnerability tests it had been subjected to. The results are incredible:
It is impervious to fire.
It can’t be cut or torn..
Abrasives and acids have no effect on it.
It doesn’t rust or wrinkle.
The conclusion of the research teams:

  All indications are that the cloth is an indestructible instrument that was made to serve human beings.  The cloth itself is made of unknown elements and radiates unexplained energy. It is a cosmic computer-calculator of unknown origin and incorporates technology light-years ahead of present day understanding. It presents no apparent danger other than the knowledge it contains falling into the wrong hands."
 The biggest question they all had:
 "Where the hell did it come from?”
    In their unanimous opinion; the cloth is not of this world and it cannot be destroyed by conventional means, and doubtful by any others, including nuclear. The investigating members concurred, that this had to be the mythical “Crux Cloth”, the magical cloth of antiquity and advised that it be used for the betterment of mankind and to be given the highest security ever given an item in the history of man.

Added Note:

   Technology in the past decade has grown a hundred fold,

  where did all this new found knowledge come from?              


               Possible Origin of the Crux Cloth


     Included with the cloth and math formulas found inside the gravestone was a thin plate tablet about 12 inches by 12 inches square that was made of solid gold and etched on both sides with ancient Greek writing. The gold plate could only be translated, the authenticity of any date it was made could not be verified. But, once the plate was translated, it offered, however fantastic, a possible explanation for the origin of the cloth.

 The gold plate tells the story of how a man with fair skin and fair hair had been found on the seashore of Knossos, a small village on the Isle of Crete. It was during a period of great darkness and violent storms. He was found in the wreckage of a strange water craft. He had head injuries, a broken leg and was half dead from starvation and thirst. The village people took him in and nursed him back to health. They taught him their language and their ways while he regained his health.
  When he was well enough to talk, he asked if any of his belongings had been found in the wreck or on the shore. They brought him all the things that had washed ashore with him. The one thing he was relieved to see among his things was a strange piece of cloth. They were amazed at how fast he was recovering and how easily he had learned their language when he asked about his things. They were curious about the cloth and the strange symbols on it and asked where he had come from, and what had happened to him that he should end up on their shore.
   He told them how he and his family along with thousands of others had to flee their island home they called Atlantis. A series of violent earthquakes had destroyed their cities and houses. Thousands of people had been killed. The land had cracked open everywhere and three of the six volcanoes around the island had erupted. The lava and ashes from the volcanoes forced the people into the sea. The sea itself was boiling, those who had water vessels escaped, or so they thought.
  For a full day the survivors, about five hundred in all, had drifted and sailed with the tide away from the island. The leaders had gathered the various crafts into a large circle around them; they were counting the survivors and planning the allocation of rations when disaster struck. First they were hit by a thunderous blast of wind that was so powerful it lifted and blew all the vessels out of the water spilling the people and their belongings into the sea.  This was followed by ear splitting booms as the people desperately clung to the overturned vessels and floating debris. The cries and pleas for help from his family and the people around him soon turned to shear terror when the final nightmare struck. A wall of water some two hundred meters high crashed down on top of them. The last thing he remembered was lashing his hand to the rudder of his vessel.
 The stranger said he was a teacher and mathematician among his people. He said they were a kindly race and sought immortality through knowledge. He said his people knew many wondrous things especially about the stars and the heavenly bodies. He told them strange things about the earth and the moon. He said that Terra (his word for earth) revolved around the sun, and that Luna (his word for the moon) revolved around Terra.
 He said the ancient ones of his people called themselves Human Beings of  Acrux and that they had come here from the stars where they had fled a dying world. They had brought very few of the marvelous things with them that his ancestors had spoken of. The wisdom of the ancient ones, they said, was governed by pure logic. The ancient ones said that the only thing the people needed to bring with them to this new world was knowledge and the only material things allowed in the new world were Scholar Tools.
 The man told them about the Scholar Tools and how they functioned. There were six Scholar Tools brought to the new world: Philosophy, Divinity, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, and Anatomy. The teacher of the subject was responsible for the Scholar Tool in his care. He said that the Scholar Tools could never be destroyed but could become lost. The man said that the cloth he had showed so much concern over was the Math Scholar Tool, and it was in his care at the time of the great disaster. He said it contained all the known Acrux Equations and explained that a “Crux” was a means to answer any paradox, thereby; the equations on the cloth could answer all questions.
                    Hidden Agendas

  The documents of Hidden Agendas amongst the papers found in the Gravestone were mostly treaties and military assistance agreements between Austria, Poland, and
Germany during the 19th Century. One interesting thing was a never before known secret agreement between Russia and Germany to
invade Poland and France to gain warm water seaports and industrial strength to unite Europe against Asia and the eventual take over of the Orient, dated April 6, 1895. (The same tactics Hitler was to use some 45 years later).
  Rasputin was known as being uneducated and he was often referred to as the Mad Monk, thus the argument for his not being the author of the French equations. But, the almost mystical power he had over the royal court of Russia is well documented and indicates that he had access to a higher source of knowledge.
  Nostradamus had written warnings into his exposes found in the secret book of the Illuminate: “These math formulas are powerful and dangerous. They allow the unknown factor to be represented by a cosmic force. In these formulas the unknown is represented as an entity rather than a numerical value.”
   The list of possible applications of the math formulas are endless, anything with a numerical system could be manipulated. In today’s world these formulas could be used to determine the stock market highs and lows and ruthless investors could devastate world economies. And good or bad, the multi-billion dollar gambling industry would be destroyed.
  Once these formulas had been deciphered and experiments performed to prove their validity, they were classified as top secret and listed as real threats to the world economic systems.   The cloth with the Crux Equations, the gold plate, the book "The Illuminate Book of Secrets" and the documents of Hidden Agendas are now part of the real “X” Files. 



   Whether the artifacts mentioned here are real or not, the classified math formulas sent with the fantastic account are real and were used to find the interval patterns created by a pair of dice where it was discovered that the intervals between sevens is consistently shorter than all the other numbers and explains why a seven will come up more often than any other number. The math formulas helped to create the "Bet the Seven" Strategy by calculating  the  predictable  patterns of  repeated random numbers and the intervals between the numbers produced by a pair of dice.
  The numbers on a pair of dice are predictable in that they are not mathematically equal to each other by the measurable intervals between them.  (How many rolls of the dice). This is based on the combinations of numbers used to produce the number that comes up on a pair of dice. For instance which is more likely to come up a 2 or a 7. The 7 will because it has 6 different ways it can be made, where as a 2 only has one way. So, a 7 will come up more times than a 2 because the intervals between sevens are shorter because it has more combinations of numbers that will produce a seven and this is predictable by logic.  But, the real reason is the hidden secret about the dice and how they were designed by the inventors of Craps to increase the chances for a seven to come up.
(please see "Bet the Seven" for more on this)

   One last word about the Journey........

  There will always be the scoffers and the doubters among us and they are the same people who will go through life always looking for something that will make them rich, only they will never find it because their doubt holds them back and they are unwilling to take a chance at something that could change their lives. But, for those who take a chance and give the Strategy a try they will find out that it actually works and then they will realize  they have a great tool for wealth. Also, they will learn to never flaunt it,  or show off when using it, and they will know that by being greedy they will ruin a good thing for themselves and run the risk of being banned from the Casinos (their private banks).

  Complete the journey, visit the website below and read about some of the  r
esearch and history of the "Bet the Seven" Strategy and find out how to get access to the private report that will answer the secret to having all the money you want.

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   Your visit to the Secret Hollow is almost over. 
     One last thing to see.........a real Gem Castle. Ahhhh, the things money can buy.

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